We are a Polish company that has been successfully dealing with broadly defined motorcycle customizing for many years. We have been awarded plenty of prizes in Poland and at the international level. Taking a third place at the World Championships in the Modified Harley Davidson category and a fourth place in the Street Performance category have been our most spectacular successes. We are also proud of the titles of European Champions in the Modified Harley Davidson category awarded in 2015 and 2016. We are very experienced in building top shelf custom motorcycles. No other company can combine style, quality, functionality and business needs of our customers like we can. Combining passion and the needs of business is a unique product that we create and implement successfully.

Our product is advertising motorcycles which are built to size and consider the needs of business customers. The final product and its design contain elements connected with a company and its product or service. This innovative form of advertising and promotion is used at various kinds of fairs and events. Such a motorcycle is also a unique gadget decorating a company’s reception area, and during the time off work it is a valuable motorcycle that provides fun and delight.